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About me

My name is Ekaterina Kuzhelnaya, I am a landscape designer and founder of the SMART GARDEN company.

Landscape design for me is not just a job – it’s my hobby, my brainchild, which endlessly captivates, teaches and encourages me for professional development. Me and my team have been passionate about what we do for over 16 years.

If your garden or terrace seems uncomfortable to you, or you are planning to build your house and are thinking about a landscape project, and you’re still sure that this is an expensive pleasure and requires a lot of effort – I will change your mind.

By working with me, you will receive an exclusive design and a functional layout that will meet the needs of your family and, most importantly, a garden which is simple and economical to maintain.


Due to the flowerbeds with climbing plants and palm trees, we visually lightened the 5-meter concrete walls. There is a dining area with barbecue and sink.The natural lawn around the pool was removed and the watering that soaked the deck chairs and wooden formwork around the pool. An artificial turf has been laid, a children’s play complex and an igloo for recreation have been installed. Islands with palm trees and shrubs enlivened the natural green parterre and created coziness by hiding the view of the neighboring house. The olive located opposite the main entrance to the house added solidity.

This project was implemented jointly with an architect from Moscow, Marina Vasilyeva. The task was to soften the numerous corners of the house with smooth lines – this was solved by adding an array of myrtle, to support the facade of the house with dark burgundy accents in the garden – usedburgundy formiums, tradescantia and bougainvillea were used to achieve this, and to drown the entire territory in greenery, which was not  a very difficult task. The choice of plants was limited due to the close location of the site to the sea, not all plants can withstand strong winds with salt content, but we did it and the garden turned out to be very beautiful.

This small garden has become an extension of the open-air house. Terrace, dining table and chairs with wide seats were designed in the same teak style. A brazier with a sink, a swimming pool was decorated with two illuminated cascades and flower beds, an artificial lawn was laid in front of the house, and a spacious storage room was constructed behind the house. Mattresses for seats, pillows, tablecloths and napkins, were a pleasant addition and were selected in the same style.

This is a complex reconstruction project of houses and gardens that have been abandoned for many years. We have kept almost all existing palm trees and trees and created a tropical environment with lush vegetation of different textures and colors. Using differences in the levels of the garden and at the request of the customer, several spaces were created for different usage: an area with sun loungers around the pool, a yoga area, a chill-out area with low sofas and a fire pit, a summer dining room and space for a small vegetable patch.

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as a result YOU WILL GET:

Garden "for you"

We create projects that 100% reflect the personality of homeowners


We select plants with low water consumption and easy maintenance


We offer practical and stylish solutions for your family time in your garden


Design proposal

from 150 € (without VAT)
  • Planting plan
  • List of plants
  • Visualization

3D - design, visualization

from 450 € (without VAT)
  • Project concept
  • List of plants and materials
  • Invoice for work
  • 3D - layout of your garden

Implementation + supervision

  • Turnkey design
  • Maintenance + Service

To select the format of cooperation, please contact us via


Landscape design begins with the preparation of technical specifications and design work. This is a detailed study of geodesy, soil and hydrometeorological indicators of a summer cottage or the adjacent territory of a country house. The information obtained will play a decisive role in the subsequent design.
The development of a landscape design project includes services for the preparation of a number of working drawings:
storm and drainage systems;
reservoirs and ponds;
automatic watering lighting scheme;
paving plan.
The planning stage includes consultations with specialists, making adjustments by the customer to the concept of a recreation area or garden.
The next step involves transferring the created project to the landscape. Here the company connects the entire arsenal of special equipment, creates an expressive relief, planting plants, laying the lawn, drainage and laying paths. The next stage after all the work performed is the care of the created garden.

Prices for the services of a landscape design studio depend on 3 indicators:
The volume of preparatory work;
Complexity of planning and cost of materials;
Size, relief and remoteness of the site.
The closer to Moscow, the smaller and smoother the site, the cheaper the landscaping and maintenance will be. To pre-calculate the cost of landscape design, it is necessary to carry out a topographic survey, soil and hydrological analysis, and an assessment of the climatic and wind zones.
With this information in hand, the company can say with confidence which tree will take root in the garden and what materials should be used. Therefore, instead of guessing how much our services will cost, it is worth consulting with our employees and ordering a specialist visit to the site.

Landscape design is an art that offers dozens of directions and styles. The designers working in our workshop are able to create an ornamental garden or an unusual landscape both in strict accordance with the classical canons, and following an intuitive feeling when a mixture of styles becomes an expression of the character and preferences of the owner of the site.
After a detailed study of the relief and soil, the company's designers will create a couple of sketches, taking into account the discovered features, as well as the preferences and interests of the client. The customer will choose a garden project that is successful from his point of view and will be able to make his own adjustments to the landscape we create. The development of sketches will continue until you are satisfied with what you received.

Transferring the landscape from paper to the site where the garden will be located begins with an accurate understanding of what will be located where. To do this, a topographic survey is carried out, working drawings of future plantations are created, taking into account buildings and relief.
It is necessary to start work on landscaping and landscaping with accurate zoning and distribution of the territory. The sequence of processes will depend on the number and type of plants, the complexity of the terrain.
When creating a garden from scratch, you will need:
Up-to-date topographical survey with precise demarcation of boundaries, existing buildings, paths and areas.
Trees and shrubs must have height marks.
Consolidated plan, taking into account engineering networks (gas, electricity, water).
Projects of future buildings (house, garage).
The renovation of an existing garden will require:
Topographic survey of the site.
An exact plan with the designation of the boundaries of the allotment, buildings, the height of the relief, trees and shrubs.

This worries everyone who wants to order services for the arrangement of a beautiful garden on the site. The minimum period for the implementation of the project on a plot of 20 acres will be 3-4 months. But you need to take into account that the time required to complete all the work depends heavily on the features of the relief, the complexity of the project, the selected type of plants and the weather.
If we divide the process into stages, then the most predictable in terms of time will be the design:
preparation of a preliminary design will take 14 days;
detailed design will take up to 30 days.
To clarify the timing of the creation of a garden on a particular site, you can talk with our employee by phone or order a specialist visit to the site. After that, you will know the exact cost of services and the date of completion of work.


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